Our strength lies in booking more than

Hotel and resort around the world
global airline
What has been done of our plan to serve passengers 64%
Our customer base from outside Taif 73%
Responding to complaints and suggestions 96%

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Unified contact number: 920014410
Whatsapp reservations: 0539014410
24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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who are we

We are the “Traveler Program” Saudi company with multiple activities (tourism, travel, software work, marketing, supply and logistical support). These activities focused on one aim, which is the customer of the travel and tourism sector, in a way that guarantees you our honorable customer; to get the most comprehensive and complete services in the field of travel and tourism, which would turn all your travel – whether it is for work, treatment or vacation into vacations in which you find the pleasure of physical comfort and psychological Serenity, Hence the choice of the name which we work is
“Traveler Holidays”


الإدارة العامة

Taif – Al Hawiyah – Setteen St
P.O. Box: 4734 Taif – 26576


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