who are we

We are the “Traveler Program” Saudi company with multiple activities (tourism, travel, software work, marketing, supply and logistical support). These activities focused on one aim, which is the customer of the travel and tourism sector, in a way that guarantees you our honorable customer; to get the most comprehensive and complete services in the field of travel and tourism, which would turn all your travel – whether it is for work, treatment or vacation into vacations in which you find the pleasure of physical comfort and psychological Serenity, Hence the choice of the name which we work is “Traveler Holidays”

What has been done of our plan to serve passengers 64%
Our customer base from outside Taif 73%
Responding to complaints and suggestions 96%

The prevalence of services

We reach you with our services regardless of your location and your place . The services of “Traveler Holidays” are not limited to our branch customers, but wherever you are in the world. We also made it easy for you to pay, as we have a secure electronic payment platform that enables you to pay your reservations from anywhere in the world and in all international currencies

Our slogan

“We start from where others have ended” … a slogan that summarizes the method which we provide our services to you, as we take the level of the usual services in the field of travel and tourism as just a beginning that we go with our customers from it to much further horizons in which the services provided through us are characterized by the elements of inclusion and spread

Our history

Traveler holidays have an inveterate career history; the company developed a great deal of experience in everything related to tourism and travel.

The professional activity of Traveler Holidays began in 2001 when it established and managed two branches of the franchise system – known as franchising – for two of the largest travel and tourism companies in the Middle East, namely (Flyin and Al Tayyar) for periods ranging between three and five years.

The two companies managed to achieve a big records numbers in the volume of sales and in customer satisfaction for these two branches during the years of our management for our branches which named after (Flyin and Al Tayyar) and  during experience, we have established a conviction in the need for the travel and tourism market in the Arab region for an entity that provides its customers with more comprehensive and widespread services to transform the usual hardship of travel into pleasure and luxury, hence “Traveler Holidays” was existed


We opened our first branch which named after “Traveler Holidays” in Taif Governorate, which was not just a major branch providing services to the people of Taif, but extended it to all regions of the Kingdom and to the Gulf countries as well.


Fly dubai chooses us from the best agents in the region.


The Director of ``Traveler Holidays`` was awarded the Saudi Tourism Excellence Award as the best manager of a travel and tourism company in the Kingdom


We were awarded one of the awards of travel and tourism companies in the Middle East and North Africa by the largest supplier of tourism products in the world, during the events of the Arab Travel Market in Dubai


Air Arabia chooses us as one of the best agents in the region


We obtained a 24-hour work permit as the first tourism and travel agency in Taif to work 24 hours

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